Christmas in Juba

For Pierre-Emmanuel, Christmas, considered as an important holiday by many French people, is a great opportunity to spend good moments with his family, enjoying good food and exchanging gifts ! Tania, who comes from a country where the most celebrated end-of-the-year holiday is the New… Read More

Break in Zanzibar

Three months after our arrival to South Sudan, came the time of the break. At the end of November, we spent two weeks in Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. Our journey started in Stone town, the old center of the capital of the island. The architecture… Read More

Wau Shilluk

Since the beginning of the South Sudanese crisis in December 2013, more than 40,000 internal displaced people have moved into the small village of Wau Shilluk located 15km far from Malakal in the North of the country. People living there are facing issues with insecurity, access… Read More


We’ve just discovered a project called One Word in the framework of which people from different population groups are invited to do word associations. The words chosen are often quite simple and universal, such as “mother” and “father”.  However, some of them are potentially provocative… Read More

Malakal impressions

The NGO we’re working for in South Sudan has projects in Malakal, the city located in the northeast of South Sudan. This city, which used to be the second largest in the country, has been in the epicenter of the ongoing conflict since December 2013.… Read More

Boxing Spirit #2

As explained in this post : Boxing Spirit #1, I had a chance to spend some time with the Boxing Club Tours Nord a few months ago. I am glad to share another series of photos below.

Inside the Ukrainian crisis

After a long break, we decided to get back to work and, this time, to find a possibility to leave together. Moreover, knowing that there were several NGOs opening their offices in Eastern Ukraine, we thought that it could be interesting for us to go… Read More